Friday, February 02, 2007

Error occurred on custom list, referring to a SharePoint Designer workflow

SharePoint Designer workflow doesn't clean up after itself very well. Here is an example.

Create list and add it to a SharePoint V3 page. Open SharePoint Designer and add a workflow to the list. SharePoint will add the workflow status to the current list view. This tells you the current state of the workflow.

Now that the workflow is created and the status of the workflow is visible on the custom list current view, go ahead and delete the workflow from SharePoint Designer. Next, go back to the custom list and perform an action that would have kicked off that work flow. You will see "error occurred" on the custom list current view when you do this even though the workflow no longer exists.

To fix this you have to modify the list view, remove the workflow status from the list view, then on the page where you are displaying the web part, modify web part and update view, refresh the screen. Doing this will remove the orphaned workflow status from the list view and it will also remove this orphaned workflow status option from the edit view screen.

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