Thursday, September 30, 2010

SPS Boston: Implementing SharePoint for Enterprise Search: Methodology and Mechanics

On Saturday, September 25, 2010 I presented a session at SharePoint Saturday Boston.

Implementing SharePoint for Enterprise Search: Methodology and Mechanics

Abstract:This session explains how following a proven approach and using certain configuration techniques can ensure the success of a SharePoint Search implementation. The prevalence of search technologies available on the World Wide Web has caused stakeholder expectations to remain high. Yet, an Enterprise Search solution is an excellent opportunity to introduce exciting capabilities and productivity gains for a business. Included in the presentation is a walk-through of project phases, a review of key design considerations, and examples of recommended configurations.

Click HERE to access slides.

In the near future, I do intend to create individual blog posts from some of the presentation slides so that I can expand on some of the topics in greater detail. If you would like to request that I write a blog post explaining a particular Search topic, please submit a request using the comments feature of this post.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Microsoft Project 2010: Outline Number and Fill Down

I was recently updating a Microsoft Project file and encountered a couple items worth mentioning.

First, by inserting a column called "Outline Number," Project automatically populates the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) task ID (WBS column does the same thing). This is much better than doing it manually.

Secondly, Microsoft Project doesn't let you paste a value into a range of cells like Excel. So, instead of manually typing in durations or pasting one at a time, there is a "Fill Down" menu option. Select the cell that contains the value you want, select the range, right-click, and select "Fill Down."

This will fill in the range with the source value.

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