Wednesday, October 07, 2015

How to Set Up Git on Windows

Register and Sign Into GitHub

Navigate to the GitHub Website (https://github.com).  If you have already registered, Login.  If you need to register, provide a User Name, Email Address, and a Password and click Sign Up for GitHub.

Create a Repository

After logging into GitHub, click New Repository.

As the Owner, your User Name will appear as the Owner.  Provide a Repository Name.  Select Public or Private (there are costs associated with Private).  Click Create Repository. 

Once the Repository has been created, you will be brought to an information page with details about the repository, including the HTTPS address.

If you navigate to the repository URL, you will see that the new repository is empty.  Once you install Git for Windows on your local system, you can begin to push content to the repository.

Download Installer Files

Download the following installer files to the system where Git will be installed:

Git for Windows

Git Extensions

Git Credential Winstore

Install Git

Right click on the Git installer and Run as Administrator.

Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.

Click Next.
Click Next.
Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt, click Next.
Checkout Windows-style, click Next.
Use MinTTY, click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Finish.

Install Git Extensions

Right click the Gitextensions installer and Run as Administrator.

Click Next.
 Install for all users, click Next.
 Check all options, click Next.
Click Next.
Run all from computer, click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Install.
Click OK.
Click I Agree.
Click Next.
Click Next.
Click Next.
 Click Install.
Click Finish.
Click English.
Click Finish.

Install Git Credential Store

Right click the git-credential-winstore installer and click Run as Administrator.

Click Yes.


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SPS CT: BI and Automation Tools for IT featuring SharePoint and SQL Server

SharePoint Saturday Connecticut
Saturday, October 10, 2015

Session Title:
BI and Automation Tools for IT featuring SharePoint and SQL Server

IT organizations are responsible for delivering and maintaining technology solutions and capabilities throughout organizations; sometimes at the expense of their own productivity. Resource constraints deter IT organizations from investing the time and attention necessary for process improvement, resulting in a reactive approach to problem solving. Now is the time to empower IT using reports, dashboards, and notifications.

This presentation demonstrates how to utilize SharePoint Server, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) to create business intelligence and automation tools for IT. This session covers high-level concepts as well as practical, hands-on instructions, tips, and tricks.

BI and Automation Tools for IT Featuring SharePoint and SQL Server

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