Sunday, December 30, 2012

NYESUG: Search Driven Design Patterns for SharePoint 2013

The NY Enterprise Search User Group
Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Session Title:
Search Driven Design Patterns for SharePoint 2013

First, we will step back and examine some SharePoint related deficiencies, common portal design flaws, and challenges that exist in the enterprise.  Next, we will align ourselves with an overarching Enterprise Architecture strategy and redefine the role of SharePoint Search in the organization.  From there, we will design a SharePoint 2013 portal that is optimized and ready for Search Driven design patterns.  Finally, we will construct Search Driven components using creative techniques and reflect on the benefits of the overall approach that we followed.

Search Driven Design Patterns for SharePoint 2013.pdf

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Error: SharePoint 2013: Adding ContentDB with No Free Space


When attempting to add a Content Database to a SharePoint Web Application, an error occurs:
"Sorry, something went wrong..."

The error message is self explanatory.  It states that "There is not enough disk space on disk".


Make free space and then recreate Content Database.  It is time to investigate the reasons why free disk space was drawn down to zero.  This situation should not be allowed to occur on the SQL Server data file partition.  Therefore, an activity plan following the error message should be aim towards preventing this situation from occurring in the future. 

Some initial questions to ask might include:
  • Was the initial storage allocation sufficient?
  • Is the server storage partitioned properly?
  • What is consuming space?
  • Are backups configured for the SQL data file partition?
  • Are database backup cleanup jobs scheduled?
  • Is there any logging on the partition?
  • What is the logging retention?

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