Sunday, January 09, 2011

SharePoint 4.0: Search Core Results Web Part Internal Error


Search results page error caused by Core Results Web Part after modifying the Fetched Properties.

"Internal server error exception:
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Correlation ID: aba98106-d203-48bf-bdc9-bf2f8dd15bcd"


In addition to the Column Name tags, the Fetched Properties must be properly opened and closed with Columns and /Columns tags, respectively. One possible cause for this error is that thet Fetched Properties XML is missing the opening and closing tags.


Anonymous said...

But how do we solve that error ?
I mean how do we rollback and update the correct fetched properties since we cant get into search results.

Nicholas Bisciotti said...

Navigate to the Web part maintenance page (http://portal.domain.com/site/pages/results.aspx?contents=1) and remove the Web part. Then edit the page and add a new one back in.

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