Monday, August 25, 2008

SharePoint 3.0: Manage Access Requests

Access Requests are a feature of SharePoint that allow users to submit an email, to a SharePoint administrator, requesting access to a resource (site or list) that they are denied access to.

The email to the administrator provides the username, the URL of the resource, and comments directly from the user. The email looks like this:

Resources that inherit security from their parent will automatically inherit the parent's Access Request setting. If you break inheritance at a list, then the list permissions, settings menu will appear and an Access Request menu item will be available. This allows you to set an Access Request email address, different from the parent site. This behavior is not true for list items. If you break security inheritance at a list item, an Access Request menu option does not appear on the list item security settings menu.

Here are some best practices for configuring Access Requests:

* Use a dedicated distribution group for this purpose
* Since each unique site collection can have its own Access Request email address, give the distribution group a generic name so that it can be used accross many site collections
* Definitely don't use a service account's email address because no real person is on the other end to receive the request

* Don't use an individual user's email address, doing so would result in a single point of failure
* If you are maintaining instruction documentation that describes the steps to configure a new site collection in your environment, then add "configure access requests email address" as a step..doing so will be a good reminder to do it.

How to configure Manage Access Requests email address:

* Site Collection > Site Actions > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings > Advanced Permissions
* Settings > Access Requests

* Set email address, click OK


Rhino Car Hire said...

Thanks for this post, it really helped us. I have just spent 3 hours looking for the setting to change the Access Request default email address, I went through every setting I could find, I searched google for all sorts, and finally found this post.... grrrrr sometimes such easy things take some much time !!!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful! Sharepoint can sometimes be so 'counter-intuitive' it's frustrating. Thanks for the tips!!

Anonymous said...

There is no such an option "Access Request" is not coming up for me. pls suggest.


Nicholas Bisciotti said...

No option - what version/edition are you running?


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