Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Software Solution Project Planning

I like to use the following six project phases when creating an software solution project plan. I always start with these phases at the top level, then indent detailed tasks and subtasks beneath each respective phase.


These project phases can be applied to projects small and large. It works for new projects or add-ons to existing projects. One pattern that occurs is that the series of phases will cylce. For example, perhaps you implemented a line of business web application. Over the course of time, the requirements change and enhancements are requested. You are naturally led back into the discovery phase where you begin the cycle again. You define what enhancements are needed, you design a solution, you build it, test it, and roll it out.

SharePoint V3 brings makes project charting more realistic for small projects. Previously, creating a project plan could take as long as a small project. However, with the project-lite features and a little bit of templating on your part to reuse previous efforts, its quick to set up the plan and execute. Doing this can help you and anybody else who has an interest in what you are doing.

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