Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (Contributor Mode)

Ever find your SharePoint Designer in Contributor Mode?
Here is how to turn it off: Site > Contributor Settings > Disable Contributor Settings


Anonymous said...

Great! but how do you get SPD to NOT auto login with contributor settings enabled in the first place??

ManMIS said...

Well, in contributor mode, you are not allowed to perform this action, all you can see is a dialog box with YES/Cancel buttons. How you do it then.

By the way, how do I log out and log back in Sharepoint Designer as a different user?

Anonymous said...

This appears to be connected to applying workflow at any level of the site. My sites started showing up in Contributor mode after applying workflow to lists which I am displaying as data views. Disabling Contributor mode for the site is not

Thanks for this info. It's not in any of my documentation or SPD training material - and seems to be a common thing for people to get stuck with.

Anonymous said...

(Edit: reposting as my reply somehow became truncated).

Thanks for this info, its not something in any of my SPD training materials or documentation and many people seem to get stuck with it.

It appears to be connected to workflow being applied at any level of a site. I applied workflow to the lists which I am customising and presenting as XSL data views. I then found my sites open by default in Contributor mode.

Unfortunately it doesnt seem to be possible to save these settings from session to session, or to disable Contributor mode globally across a site collection - each time you open the site you will again have to disable Contributor mode.

Peter Brunone said...

ManMIS, it's actually in the Advanced button at the bottom of the dialog box.

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