Monday, August 29, 2011

SharePoint 4.0: Unable to Open PDF Files in Edit Mode from Document Library


SharePoint users having Adobe Acrobat Professional expect to be able to open PDF files in Edit Mode, directly from a SharePoint document library.  These users are not able to open PDF files in Edit Mode.  When attempting to edit a PDF document directly from a SharePoint Document Library, they receive the error message, "The document could not be opened for editing."


The issue may be corrected by modifying the Require Check Out setting of the Document Library.

1.  Navigate to the SharePoint site where the Document Library is located.
2.  Site Actions > View All Site Content.
3.  Click on the Document Library to open the default view.
4.  On the Ribbon, click on the Library tab.
5.  On the Ribbon, click on Library Settings.
6.  Beneath the General Settings heading, click on Versioning Settings.
7.  Note the current setting for Require Check Out.  If Require documents to be checked out before they can be edited? is set to No, change this to Yes.
8.  Click OK to save the configuration change.
9.  From the Document Library, invoke the Document Context Menu by hovering the mouse over the title of the PDF document.  Check out a PDF document.
10.  Open the Document Context Menu again, and select to Edit Document (assumes that Adobe Acrobat Professional is installed on client computer).

Refer to Check out and edit a file for more information on the "Use my local drafts folder" prompt.


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