Thursday, May 26, 2011

SharePoint 4.0: Content Type Hub Synchronization Steps (Publish/Subscribe)


In a SharePoint Server 2010 environment, custom content types have been created on a Content Type Syndication Hub site collection (Content Type Publisher).  However, the Content Type Subscriber site collection does not contain published content types in its Site Content Types Gallery.


The following configurations have already been verified:

1) The service account permissions are correct
2) The Managed Metadata Service Application is configured properly
3) The Managed Metadata Service Connection is configured properly and the setting for "This service application is the default storage location for Keywords" is checked off.
4) The Subscriber site collection has the following Site Collection Features enabled: 
SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure5) The Publisher site collection has the following Site Collection Features enabled: 
SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure, Content Type Syndication Hub


The following steps may be required to synchronize the content types between the publisher and the subscriber.
1) Publish the Content Types
  • Content Type Hub Publisher site collection > Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries > Site Content Types
  • Click on Content Type
  • Click on "Manage publishing for this content type"
  • Click OK
  • Repeat this step for all content types that requiring publishing
2) Run the Timer Jobs
  • Central Administration > Monitoring > Timer Jobs > Review Timer Job Definitions
2a) Run the Content Type Hub Timer Job
  • Set the View to "All"
  • Click on the Timer Job, "Content Type Hub" Timer Job
  • Click "Run Now"
2b)  Run the Content Type Subscriber Timer Job
  • Set the View to "Web Application"
  • Select the Web Application that contains the subscriber site collection
  • Click on the Timer Job, "Content Type Subscriber"
  • Click "Run Now" 
3) Verify
  • Content Type Hub Subscriber site collection > Site Actions > Site Settings > Galleries > Site Content Types
  • Verify that the subscriber has received the published content type from the Content Type Hub 


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Bastiaan Kortenbout said...

Hi Nicholas. Why do you have to activate the "Content Type Syndication Hub" feature on both the Publisher and Subscriber site collection? I've only got the feature enabled on my Publisher Site Collection (the hub), and not on my Subscriber Site Collection, and the Publishing and Subscribing mechanism of Content Types works fine. The description of this feature is: "Provisions the site to be metadata hub site", which indicates that it's only necessary to activate this feature for the actual hub portals, and not the subscribing portals. Is there a specific reason for you to activate this feature on both portals?

Nicholas Bisciotti said...

Bastiaan, thank you for responding. I originally had the Syndication Hub feature running on both sides (Publisher, Subscriber) in my development environment when I wrote the post so I listed it as an assumption to accurately describe the configuration that I actually tested. However, I understand and agree with your point! I modified the post to say that the syndication hub is only running on the Publisher. Thanks!

Suresh Pydi said...

Nice post. Here is one more post on content type hub and publishing contemt types in sharepoint 2013


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