Monday, October 26, 2009

Back from SharePoint Conference 2009

I have returned home from ten days in Las Vegas NV where I attended the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009 at Mandalay Bay. I cannot say that I am happy to be home, especially since I have to clean up after myself again. I love throwing wet towels on the floor and then going out for the day so that I can return to the hotel room at the end of the day and the towels are magically clean and put away.

There were many highlights of the conference. The cocktail reception, the keynote, the sessions, the Huey Lewis & the News concert, catching up with old friends and meeting new ones.

The bottom line is SharePoint 2010 delivers!! It is going to be an awesome, next three years working with this generation of products and technologies. Things are moving full steam ahead.

I especially enjoyed the governance planning session by my friends, Susan Hanley and Scott Jamison.

Friday's full day workshop on SharePoint Server 2010 Installation and Upgrade Training by Shane Young and Todd Klindt from SharePoint911 was fantastic and informative. It was more fun than hanging out at House of Blues Foundation Room until 3:00am...almost.

Most of all I love the fact that I won all of my gambling money back at the craps table after I checked out on Saturday morning, as I was killing some time before the cab ride to the airport. I hit three point numbers and several hard ways. Folks were happy to be winning and I received an applause for the good shooting.


Bryan said...

Heard all sorts of good things about 2010, cannot wait to get my hands on it! Glad to hear you broke even on the Craps tables, Diceman.

Nicholas Bisciotti said...

2010 is an extraordinary platform.

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