Thursday, December 27, 2007

SharePoint V3: Modify Advanced Search Box Result Types


By default, the Advanced Search Box offers a Result Type filter that allows users to select which type of documents they want returned in their search query.

By default, the options are:
* All Results
* Documents
* Word Documents

* Excel Documents
* Presentations

You would like users to be able to query for PDF Documents, too.


* Site Actions > Edit Page > Advanced Search Box > Edit > Modify Shared Web Part
* Expand the Properties node > Click on Properties elipses
* Open Visual Studio > File > New File > XML File
* Copy the XML into Visual Studio
* Locate the Result Type node for Word Documents, Copy it, Modify it for PDF

* Copy the XML back into the Advanced Search Box Properties Editor, Click OK
* Publish the page

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ehaze said...

easy, thank you!

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