Monday, December 03, 2007

SharePoint V3: Error: IE Script Error When Saving Docs With Office 2003


Server: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007
Client: Microsoft Office Professional 2003
Other: MOSS 2007 document library configured with content types


A MOSS 2007 document library is configured to use content types. A client machine with MS Office 2003 saves a document to the library and receives a script error (shown below):

" Internet Explorer Script Error, An error has occurred in the script on this page. Error: ‘length is null or not an object’. "

After continuing to save beyond the script error, changes to the content of the document are saved, however, document library metadata values are reset.

Steps to Re-Create Issue:

* From a computer which has Office 2003, browse to a SharePoint Server 2007 document library which has content types
* Open the document in Edit mode
* Make an edit to the document
* File, Save
* Script error appears
* Click yes to the error until it disappears
* Open the document, notice the changes to the document were saved
* Open the document properties, notice the metadata values have been reset


No "fixes" are currently available, but there are a few workarounds:

1. Upgrade to Office 2007
2. Don't use content types
3. Wait for a hotfix (possibly in the February 2008 time frame)


MSDN Discussion


Anonymous said...

Microsoft Support has already confirmed this to be a bug as a direct result of applying a HotFix KB939592. They confirmed this as a bug as early as end of August right after these started popping up. Some libraries and custom web parts, workflows etc completely rely on Content Types...so none of those options are real workarounds. Microsoft has given us NO WORKAROUNDS...it was the user community that figured out those so called "workarounds" not Microsoft. I think this is unacceptable that we go for 5 months now without a fix.

Robert said...

I noted a reply in another blog that claims WSS SP1 & MOSS SP1 solve this problem. Meanwhile, I found another workaround. Siply save the file locally and upload it back to the library.

Nicholas Bisciotti said...


Although I agree that you can work around the IE error by saving the file locally and uploading it back to the library, I think that requiring to do this defeats the purpose of web based document management.

SP1 does not solve this compatibility issue. Microsoft was planning to include a fix in the post SP1 rollup patch, which was recently released. I am currently waiting on their response verifying that this fix was included in the patch. Once I hear back I will test the new set of pathes.


Nicholas Bisciotti said...


I just got confirmation from Microsoft Support that the fix did not make it in the post SP1 rollup patches. Microsoft is now targeting April time frame to release the fix.


Anonymous said...

Any news on this item?? Still no hotfix?

Anonymous said...

the hotfix for this issue is out now


Green Bastard said...

I have SharePoint Services 3.0 (not Server) and I have the exact same problem as described. Is there a hot fix available that works for my version (950292 will not install)

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