Friday, June 01, 2007

SharePoint V3: MOSS 2007 Search: How to Index Lotus Notes Content

I recently configured MOSS Search to index Lotus Notes. Here is an overview of the process.

* Lotus Notes server name
* Lotus Notes database file name
* List of fields you want to display in search results
* Notes user logon file (e.g. user.id)
* User credentials for installing Notes client

* Install Lotus Notes Client 6.0 to the SharePoint Index Server
* From the index server, share the c:\program files\lotus\notes\data directory allowing WSS_WPG group access
* From an existing workstation, copy a valid user id file to index server c:\program files\lotus\notes\data
* Download the Lotus C++ API Toolkit 3.0I* Extract the files* Copy lcppn30i.dll to the index server, c:\program files\microsoft office servers\12.0\bin
* Rename 1cppn30i.dll to 1cppn30.dll
* From index server, c:\program files\microsoft office servers\12.0\bin, execute notessetup.exe
* Specify the server name, database file, view, etc.
* From index server, cmd prompt, net stop osearch, then net start osearch
* SSP Admin > Search Settings > Content Sources: Configure content source for Lotus Notes
* SSP Admin > Search Settings > Scopes: Configure scope for Lotus Notes content source
* SSP Admin > Search Settings > MetaData Property Mappings: Create managed properties for those Lotus Notes properties that you want to search or display in search results
* Search Center: Configure the search web parts and search results web parts (and related xml files) to display useful field when the search result item is coming from the Lotus content source

* The notessetup.exe won't work with the 1cppn30i.dll file name, need to rename it to 1cppn30.dll
* I used 6.0 Notes Client, because Notes Client 6.5 did not create a data directory

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TheBear said...

Did you point it at the whole server or specify individual Notes databases?

When I create multiple content sources pointing to the same Notes Server, it seems to only return results from the first one

Nicholas Bisciotti said...

I did individual notes databases.

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