Friday, April 06, 2007

Under Promise and Over Deliver

When project sponsors for business application projects are gearing up for a new project they are exposed to products, lingo, marketing material, and all the things that create a buzz. Often times they see demonstrations or presentations that glorify the technologies (that is how these things are sold, right?). Sponsors are sold on ideals. They see a fine tuned demo and are convinced they can have the same thing.

Its great to experience the hype and the excitement of a new project, however, when a project is set in motion a reality check can quickly screech the record player...a message that there are technical limitations preventing a particular goal to be achieved as it was initially designed.

A big part of being satisfied at the completion of a project, is having accurate expectations when the solution design is established. This means being educated about the limitations and obstacles you will face along the way, before you even begin constructing. It also means being cautious about making promises.

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